• “DESMAN always looks out for our interests and makes our job easier!”

    Deborah Tuton
    Rhode Island Convention Center

  • “With DESMAN’s expertise and commitment, the owner’s budget, the architect’s vision, and the contractor’s schedule were all achieved.”

    J. Adam Killian
    Mesa State College

  • “This was a very successful project for us mainly due to DESMAN Associates’ team, knowledge and cooperation.”

    Michael Benedict, Project Manager
    Sresscon Corporation

  • “DESMAN brought an experienced, organized, proactive, team oriented approach to the design.”

    Brian Schmidt
    Martin Harris Construction

  • “Our partnership with DESMAN exceeded all expectations and resulted in three projects being completed ahead of schedule and within budget”

    Leo Bedard, Sr Project Manager

  • “DESMAN exceeded all of our expectations on the UNLV Tropicana Parking Garage project”

    Tad McDowell, Manager of Parking

  • “I have always found DESMAN’s design expertise to be technically sound and practical from constructability, serviceability, and financial lenses.”

    Jennifer Heikkinen
    City Square

  • “DESMAN truly understood the goals of the project and worked very well with construction management team to provide this campus with its first parking deck.”

    Chuck Nightingale, Executive Director of Facilities & Capital Projects
    Howard Community College

  • “DESMAN’s availability and pro-active involvement contributed greatly to a timely completion within the Hospital’s budget.”

    Allen J Ericson, VP and COO
    Catholic Medical Center

Parking and Transportation

Value Added Planning

Founded in 1973, DESMAN Associates is a national specialist in the planning and design of parking and transportation improvements and the restoration of parking facilities, plazas and building envelopes. We have excelled as one of the leading planners and designers of functionally efficient, attractive and cost effective parking solutions.

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Boston University

The Boston University “New Balance” Field and Parking Facility

The Boston University “New Balance” Field and Parking Facility is an example of a truly innovative and successful planning and design process that has resulted in the efficient use of urban space for a multi-program, mixed use facility. Photo credit to Clough Harbor & Associates.

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