Boston Rescue Puppies

Bella Adopted Puppy

ON WEDNESDAYS WE GET PUPPIES! Sarah Mattos (MA) is holding Bella, one of the many adoptable puppies at SGH Rescue in Dedham, MA. SGH Rescue brings adoptable puppies every Wednesday all summer long to CHP_Boston from 12-2pm!

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IPMI Conference Golf Outing

IPMI Golf Outing

How you react when the opposing team calls you out for taking a mulligan! Great International Parking and Mobility Institute (IPMI) golf outing with IPS and IPE during IPMI’s Annual Conference this week in Anaheim, CA. L-R: Johnny Waldo (IPS), Pat Wells (DESMAN), David Keane (IPS), Bruce Zimmerman (IPE).

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IPMI Conference

Desman at IPMI Conference

We sure had a great time at the International Parking and Mobility Institute (IPMI) Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA last week! Lively seminars, exhibit hall, golf, baseball, happy hours and dinners with the awesome people in our parking and mobility industry. We’re looking forward to next year in San Antonio, TX! DESMAN attendes from L-R…

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