Casey Jones presents on Garage Adaptive Reuse

Casey Jones presents on behalf of the California Public Parking Association on Garage Adaptive Reuse: Designing with the Future in Mind.

Some predict that autonomous vehicles, micro-mobility options and migration from suburbs to urban centers will make parking garages obsolete in the next several decades.  This conjecture and the capital cost to build structured parking have given rise to questions regarding the efficacy of adaptive reuse of parking facilities. Fortunately, a considerable amount of analysis and growing list of actual projects is improving our collective knowledge of the costs and benefits to reuse so that owners can make an informed decision.  In this session we’ll explore four general approaches to adaptive reuse and discuss the various pros and cons for each.


  1. Learn about four general approaches to adaptive reuse
  2. Identify pros and cons for each approach
  3. Discuss real examples of parking garage adaptive reuse

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