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Genzyme Parking Garage

Genzyme Parking Garage


Three-level, 625-car space, pre-cast concrete open parking structure.


This three-bay parking structure was designed/constructed to accommodate the present and future functional needs of the Genzyme Framingham Research & Development Campus. The garage was designed with a perimeter column grid configuration to accommodate 12’ wide pre-cast concrete tees providing for additional economy. The garage design provided for additional footings and reserve structural capacity in the foundations and the superstructure to accommodate for a future horizontal expansion of the garage.

The garage provides for two-way traffic with two (2) planned ingress/egress points controlled with security access proximity card readers incorporated into Genzyme employee ID badges. The center ramp configuration allows for a smooth horizontal façade enabling the design team to incorporate architectural features on prominent façade elevations such as German “Reinhart” zinc panels which provide an aesthetically fluent appearance that is harmonious with the campus science and research facilities.

The design and construction of the parking facility includes several “green” initiatives such as use of low SRA (solar reflect rating) roof top materials, secured bike storage areas, preferred hybrid vehicular parking, energy efficient lighting, drought resistant plantings, use of recycled cementitious additives, local aggregate sources and the separation and recycling of discarded construction materials. Several of the initiatives qualified the facility for special incentives and rebate programs in addition to long-term operational savings.

To supplement Genzyme’s campus security systems and assist with access control to the garage was fitted with a comprehensive CCTV security system interfaced with Genzyme’s main security center located off-site. The security system not only provides monitoring of the garage activities but also interacts with the access controls to allow access to campus visitors.


Framingham, Massachusetts


Genzyme Corporation

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