Saint Charles Carriage House


126 spaces


DESMAN provided Prime Design, Structural Engineering, Architectural Design, and Parking Consulting services on a parking garage for the City of Black Hawk.  The one-bay garage provides 126 parking spaces on three levels. Given limited site dimensions, there is no internal or external ramping in the garage and all of the parking is provided on flat floors. Because of the slope of the site and adjoining roadways, each level has a separate vehicle entry/exit point, all of which will be heated to prevent the build-up of snow and ice on the driveways.  A parking guidance system will direct parking patrons to available parking spaces on each level.

The structure is wedged into a very challenging site, hemmed by rock wall to the south and the newly aligned Gregory Street to the north but yet providing open sight distances. The cast-in-place, the post-tensioned structural system is designed for a high level of durability and corrosion protection to withstand extreme cold climate mountain environment and for a service life span of 50 years. A life cycle cost analysis was performed early in the design to determine which durability elements would be included in the design to ensure longevity and prevent deterioration. Architecture for the garage complies with all applicable City of Black Hawk design standards and complements nearby existing historic buildings and accentuates the beauty of the surrounding hills. The garage facade is intended to look like a historic warehouse; a throwback to the days when the town bustled with mining activity through the use of native stone and red brick veneer and arched window openings with steel mullions, transoms and stone sills.  The garage features a CorTen weathering steel canopy roof to block views of vehicles parking on the top level and blend seamlessly with rock outcroppings.

The DESMAN team through clear and open communication built strong stakeholder consensus, which has enabled major decisions to be made in a timely manner and in a collaborative environment.


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