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Parking consultants who specialize in planning

Seeing the big picture is as important as managing the details when it comes to parking planning. It requires being able to anticipate and overcome challenges, prepare for the unknown and provide forward-looking solutions based on relevant research and data, and stakeholder input.

DESMAN clients get instant access to a team of professionals who are always one step ahead with fresh ideas and intelligent insights. Our seven specialists have extensive and direct experience in the planning, financing, management and operation of parking structures and the systems that support them. We’ve worked with some of the largest universities, hospitals, airports and municipalities across the country since our founding in 1973.

Yury & Jose on the Desman Team Reviewing Project Plans

Our Approach

  • Our No. 1 priority is client satisfaction – not how much we make in consulting fees.

  • We listen – really listen – to our clients and provide actionable solutions.

  • We perform our own data-driven research that’s relevant to each client’s situation and location rather than relying on generic models.

  • Our process is fully transparent – we don’t ask clients to take a leap of faith.

Driven to succeed

DESMAN helps clients make the most of every parking investment by analyzing each situation, recommending solutions and providing guidance in upfront and master planning, financial feasibility, design, construction, restoration, site alternatives, operations and maintenance.

Some of the questions we consult on include:

  • How do we sell or lease our unused parking spaces?

  • What are the funding options for parking facilities?

  • How much should we charge for our parking spaces?

  • How do we accommodate autonomous vehicles and ride-sharing services?

  • How do we plan for restoration projects?

Our consultants approach each project uniquely. We dig deep to deliver thoughtful recommendations, allowing clients to make informed decisions. Contact one of our experts to experience the DESMAN difference.

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