Repair & Preventive Maintenance

Restoration Services

From free-standing parking garages and parking facilities in mixed-use developments to facades, roofs, plazas and bridges, all structures need proactive maintenance and repairs. DESMAN’s specialists provide comprehensive repair and restoration services that stand the test of time. We help owners and property managers preserve and protect their assets for the long haul, avoiding unexpected and costly headaches. Our specialists focus on the most efficient and economical solutions that enable sound budgeting decisions.

Our solutions include:

  • Annual facility inspections

  • Multiyear maintenance and repair programs

  • Consulting, assessment, design and cost-estimating services

  • Material testing and evaluation

We compare multiple options that thoughtfully balance function, budget and aesthetics so that clients can move forward with confidence. DESMAN’s designs meet performance goals while complementing their surroundings.


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Matt Repasky

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Shannon Bentz

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