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Master Planning

Master Planning

A parking master plan is a comprehensive study of a proposed project that provides a blueprint for decision-making. Successful master plans are flexible, involve the community and other stakeholders, align strategy and vision, and provide a clear path for turning vision into reality.

DESMAN has completed thousands of tangible master plans for hospitals, universities and municipalities. We have deep expertise in identifying specific needs and developing realistic and cost-effective options that help clients plan for the future.

Our consultants consider all the factors that influence planning – spatial, political, fiscal and programmatic – along with each client’s unique goals and needs. We back up all of our recommendations with our own research and meaningful data, allowing clients to plan for the future and meet their goals with confidence.

Zoning Assessment

When municipalities assess their parking ratios, they often need expert help analyzing zoning regulations. Zoning due diligence is a necessary step to determining whether current and future structured parking use complies with local laws.

DESMAN provides a complete and accurate picture of zoning ordinances and codes so that clients can avoid unnecessary costs and save valuable resources.

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