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Green Parking

Sustainability helps drive the design and operation of successful parking garages from new construction to retrofits. Green parking garages save money in energy and operating costs and provide a sizable competitive advantage over competing non-green properties.

DESMAN is changing the face and function of traditional parking facilities with fresh approaches that minimize environmental effects while promoting health and safety for drivers and other users. Our specialists embrace sustainable design, technology and management solutions to achieve functional and operational efficiencies.

From renewable energy technology, such as solar panels and wind turbines, to innovative water conservation measures and advanced traffic management technology, DESMAN digs deep to help building owners and property managers become eco-friendly while improving their bottom lines.

Green Parking Work Examples

Sustainable elements we’ve incorporated into our projects

Vehicle-idling reduction technology

Radio-frequency identification and mobile payment systems

Electric and hybrid car-charging stations

Energy-efficient heating, ventilation and cooling systems

Sophisticated lighting controls and sensors

Heat-reducing roof gardens

Extensive use of recycled and locally sourced materials

Parksmart Certification

Building owners and property managers can incorporate a few or many green features in their new and existing garages to reduce their environmental footprint. Those who want their garages to be recognized for the highest levels of sustainability can seek Parksmart Certification.

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