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Parksmart Certification

Parksmart is a rating system for the design, construction and operation of sustainable parking structures. New and existing parking facilities that demonstrate advanced environmental sustainability and efficiency in their design, programming and management can achieve certification.

DESMAN’s accredited Parksmart advisors are trained in the Parksmart Certification Standard and the certification process. Our expert professionals lead building owners and property managers through every step of the application process, ensuring their facilities meet nationally accepted Parksmart benchmarks from Green Business Certification Inc.

Steve Rebora & DESMAN at Greenbuild International Conference


Certification Benefits

Increase energy efficiency

Reduce negative environmental impact

Promote sustainability

Shows organizations' commitment to a healthier environment (great PR)

Strengthens community relationships

Promotes best practices

Saves MONEY!


Parksmart Certified Projects

Cal Poly Parksmart Garage

• First new university parking garage to be Parksmart Certified in California

• Second new university garage to be Parksmart Certified in the U.S.

• Solar panels produce more energy than the facility needs to operate

Cal Poly Pomona Parking Structure 2: Pomona, CA - Parksmart Bronze

Hoy Parksmart Parking Garage

• Idle-reduction payment system

• Financial incentives for ride-sharing patrons

• Open-air design eliminates the need for mechanical ventilation

Hoy Garage: Ithaca, NY -
Parksmart Pioneer

Forst Home Parksmart Garage

• First university garage to receive Parksmart certification in the U.S.

• Gateless design reduces the time vehicles idle

• Demand-controlled ventilation in the garage reduces energy consumption

Forest Home Garage: Ithaca, NY -
Parksmart Pioneer

Salem University Parksmart Garage

• An arborist oversaw the protection of old-growth trees that bordered the site

• Thirty percent of the building materials came from reused, repurposed or recycled sources

• Five electric vehicle charging stations are on site

• Fifteen spaces are reserved for ride-sharing, low-emitting/fuel-efficient and alternative fuel vehicles

Salem State N. Campus Trans. Center:
Salem, MA - Parksmart Bronze


Turning Lean Into Green

Parksmart is an excellent resource for owners when they’re evaluating what's possible at their facilities. Electric vehicle charging stations can attract drivers and increase a garage’s revenue-generating potential. Energy-efficient lighting reduces operating costs while making people feel safe.

Other Parksmart measures that can reduce operating costs include:

Ticketless and gateless entry systems

Solar panels and wind turbines

Technology that reduces vehicle idling

Ventilation controls

Expertise that fuels success

DESMAN’s specialists identify viable sustainable options, explain their economic and environmental advantages and determine how to incorporate green design elements into new and existing garages.

Our in-house expertise enables us to provide a full spectrum of sustainable services from concept to completion. We customize our scope of work to fit project needs and offer cost-saving efficiencies that aren’t possible when working with multiple consultants.

From implementing sustainable strategies and optimizing performance to reducing energy usage and increasing sustainable operations, DESMAN is dedicated to innovative development. We have the specialized expertise to integrate smart parking technologies and designs that make going green a priority.

New Balance Field Park Smart Project

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