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Supply/demand Studies

Supply and demand studies are the foundation of parking planning, establishing current parking capacity and use and projecting the effects of proposed changes or development. The goal is to quantify current and future needs.

Clients often want to know:

  • How much parking do I have?

  • How much parking do I need?

  • Who uses my parking?

DESMAN’s consultants provide accurate data that helps clients make informed decisions for parking management and infrastructure. Our projections are based on sound planning practices and years of hands-on experience in structured parking facilities.

Supply and Demand Studies - Desman Design Management

Shared Parking Analysis

Many parking facilities have spaces that are used part time, particularly in mixed-use developments. A shared parking analysis focuses on how to optimize spaces, reducing capital costs and the land dedicated to parking.

We identify how users can share spaces to realize efficiencies, based on daily, weekly and annual cycles. For example, a building that has offices and retailers may be able to use the same parking because of differences in usage based on time of day.

DESMAN’s innovative approaches to parking supply, demand and pricing and experience in mixed-use development produce successful results.

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