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Unlike general engineering firms, DESMAN specializes in the design, planning and restoration of parking structures. We approach every project with an open mind, always listening to our clients and learning about their needs to create the best solutions. Our commitment as specialists is evident in our 95 percent repeat business rate.

DESMAN is also known for sharing ideas and talents among our nine offices to deliver exceptional work that is unique to each client’s situation, goals and budget. Developers, owners, managers and others in the industry trust the DESMAN name for deep expertise, prompt service, partnership and hard work.

Another important difference is our lean approach, which enables us to deliver projects cost-effectively without sacrificing quality. We scale teams appropriately and we don’t tack on markups and other hidden fees that artificially inflate project costs.

Wyandanch Parking Facility
Yury & Jose on the Desman Team Reviewing Project Plans


We’re problem-solvers and strategists who help decision-makers with big-picture planning, providing inspired and flexible solutions.


We’re architects as much as we are structural engineers. We combine the best of both worlds to provide attractive, integrated and long-lasting parking garages at the least cost.

Parking Garage Design Services
Parking Garage Restoration at Work


Our specialized team of restoration engineers, planners and project managers give parking structures, buildings and bridges the attention they deserve.

Green Parking

Green parking facilities demand deep expertise that can be hard to find. We’re trained and certified in sustainable design that optimizes return on investment.


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