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Financial Feasibility

Financial feasibility studies forecast financial performance for parking facilities and systems, including their anticipated return on investment. These studies are critical for acquiring financing to build parking facilities and systems and purchase existing ones.

They typically involve:

  • Market assessments

  • Recommendations for parking rates and operating formats

  • Projections of gross revenues

  • Estimates of annual expenses

  • Debt service calculations

  • Long-term Financial Projections for up to 50 years

With more than four decades of industry expertise behind us, DESMAN provides detailed and accurate financial projections clients can take to the bank. We also identify and evaluate funding mechanisms and creative strategies for reducing costs, including shared parking and transit-oriented solutions.

Market Assessments

Before owners and operators can build parking assets or purchase existing ones, they must assess their local markets to determine need, demand and prospective use. Market assessments are critical for acquiring financing for these initiatives. Clients can also use them to justify policy changes, such as introducing “fee-for-use” parking or adjusting existing rates.

DESMAN’s consultants work closely with clients to gauge the market, performing in-house research, interviewing stakeholders and making sound projections that help owners and operators make data-driven decisions.



Financial Services

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