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Concept Planning

Before developing a master plan, it can be very helpful to create a general strategy for accomplishing parking goals. Concept planning distills basic strategies and objectives. Master planning takes it a step further by including specific steps for implementing these goals.

DESMAN’s consultants lead collaborative and robust planning processes that help define a clear path forward.

Transportation Demand Management Programs

Alternative transportation, such as public transit, carpooling, ride-sharing and biking, minimizes the need for structured parking – saving money and promoting sustainability. DESMAN identifies these and other creative strategies to reduce demand for single-occupancy vehicles with transportation demand management programs.

Parking pricing, transit passes, remote lots, shuttles and other solutions are effective tools for managing demand. We analyze the existing public transportation infrastructure, review the costs and organization of the parking system, conduct surveys, and provide the costs and benefits associated with each strategy.

Concept Planning Drawing Parking Structure

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