Desman Leadership

Anup Chhabra


Executive Vice President & CFO

Based in New York, Anup Chhabra has been a project principal, manager, engineer and coordinator for many large restoration projects. He’s performed field investigations and provided restoration design services for different types of structures, including multilevel parking garages, plazas, building facades and roofs. He’s familiar with the various structural building types and cladding systems.

His experience includes all aspects of condition assessments, including destructive and nondestructive field testing and structural analysis, along with the preparation of reports, plans, specifications, details, construction schedules, cost estimates, contract administration, and job site supervision. Chhabra is well-versed in modern demolition techniques, concrete testing procedures, construction materials, and contract administration.

In addition, Chhabra has been involved in preparing the design documents and technical specifications for structural and waterproofing repairs for clients, including the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the United Nations, and many other public and private sector clients.

Total Years of Experience: 24

Years with DESMAN: 24


Stevens Institute of Technology
Hoboken, New Jersey
Bachelor’s degree in engineering

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3 W. 35th St. (3rd Floor)
New York, NY  10001