PreFlight O'Hare Parking Facility

Ohare Airport Pre-flight Parking


4 levels, 662,000 sf, 2,065 parking spaces


The Preflight O'Hare Project is a privately owned parking facility providing affordable long term parking adjacent to O'Hare International airport. The facility operates a continuous shuttle bus service between the elevator lobby of the garage and all terminals of the airport. The shuttle service picks-up and drops-off customers from the ground level elevator lobby which is constructed of hotel quality finishes for user comfort. Amenities include a refreshment center, boarding pass and charging station, video news and updates, restrooms, automated parking payment stations, parking offices and an employee break room.

Parking entry/exit equipment is located at ground level, second level and the entrance to 4th level allowing users to recode their tickets for the varying pricing of each zone. Premium parking is conveniently located at ground level, followed by mid price parking at 2nd & 3rd level, followed by discount parking at the uncovered roof level.

The structure is a prestressed precast concrete double tee floor structure supported on column, ledge beam and spandrel framing. Stitch walls along the ramps and other shear walls provide the lateral load resisting system.  There are four stairs and one centrally located stair/elevator lobby.  The building is an open parking facility and is naturally ventilated.

The main entry/exit portal is monumental archway constructed of light gauge framing and clad with an exterior insulating finish system which serves as backdrop for illuminated signage visible from Mannheim Road.

DESMAN was the Architect and Structural Engineer of Record.


Chicago, IL


UGP Schiller Park LLC (InterPark)

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