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bar Harbor Backyard Lot Parking STudy



Supply/Demand Analysis, Alternatives Analysis, Site Feasibility, TDM Assessment, Policy Review, Financial Feasibility Study.


In March of 2013, the Town of Bar Harbor issued an RFP inviting qualified firms to submit proposals to execute a feasibility study. The objective of this engagement was to determine if the area known at the ‘backyard parking lot’ could support the development of a parking structure. This study was divided into four phases:

  • Phase 1: Site Feasibility.
  • Phase 2: Existing Conditions Assessment.
  • Phase 3: Future Conditions and Alternatives Analysis.
  • Phase 4: Financial Feasibility Assessment.

The initial assessment demonstrated the Town was subject to substantial parking shortages during the summer months. The project team developed a number of options for addressing these issues, including scenarios for introducing structured parking, expanding existing parking, developing a satellite parking facility with shuttle service and developing infrastructure to better support bicycle travel and walking. The project team hosted a number of public forums and workshops to vet the options and identify a final scenario, which was the subject of the financial feasibility analysis. Feasibility of the project rested upon the Town converting from a ‘free’ to ‘fee for use’ parking environment and DESMAN prepared an analysis detailing how the Town to accomplish this in a step-by-step format which preserved the fiscal viability of the project while acknowledging the political ramifications of such a conversion.

The Town executed Phase 1 of the plan in May of 2019 and report earned parking revenues to date are 150% of DESMAN’s original projections, which allow the Town to move in Phase 2 in Spring 2020.

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