Wexford Hospital Garage

Wexford Hospital Design


5-Level, 515-stall precast concrete single helix parking garage.


This parking project will provide patient/visitor and employee parking for a new hospital in the Allegheny Health network located adjacent to an existing health pavilion. The garage elevator lobby provides direct access into the new hospital at two levels. The parking functional design allows for maximum pedestrian visibility to the elevator lobbies on all floors and allows for delivery truck egress from the property loading dock through the G1 Parking Level. By citing current practices and national experience, DESMAN obtained approval of a parking geometric zoning change from the local authority. Precast, prestressed concrete was selected for the frame as a measure to decrease initial construction cost and on-site construction time.

The exterior design consists of perforated metal panels supporting by the precast structure behind. Changes in colors and performations echo material and texture changes of the existing health pavilion building. Additional project features include an extension of the hospital’s telecommunications network, and provision of electric vehicle charging stations. DESMAN is serving as the Architect and Structural Engineer of Record for the project.

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