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Fordham University Parking Facility


+1,500 car, 5 level, pre-cast concrete, mixed-use parking facility with a potential roof level recreation facility.


This parking facility is to be located at the main entrance to the campus and will serve the long and short term parking needs of the university students, teachers and visitors in addition to commuter parking needs in the local area. The parking facility, when completed, will centralize campus parking; thus, enabling the conversion of the existing surface parking lots to green space or other possible future developments.

Due to the existing density of the campus, the garage will be designed to accommodate recreational facilities on the roof or plaza area. The potential exists to provide either an NCAA regulation soccer field or tennis courts. Additionally, provisions are being made to allow the University to relocate and consolidate its maintenance facilities into the ground floor of the parking facility.

The façade of the parking structure will include granite stone panels and metal screening to blend in with the campus environs. The completion of the garage is scheduled for the Fall Semester of 2005.

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