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Lane Avenue Parking Garage - Ohio State University


9-level parking garage with 1398 full-size parking spaces and 6 for motorcycles only with an integrated 6-story SAS office building


The corner of Lane Avenue and Tuttle Park Place is a gateway to the Ohio State Campus.  The Lane Avenue project design addresses this important location by incorporating the new structures into an integrated campus design plan.  The project site is bounded by Neil Ave to the east and south, Tuttle Park Place to the west and Lane Avenue to the north.  The project will develop the western side of the site with a high-density solution consisting of 1398 car spaces on a 9 level parking garage and an integrated 6-story SAS office building.  The remaining eastern portion of the site will maintain the Jesse Owens North recreation center, and provide a lawn/field south of the JON that replaces the current surface parking lot.  The OSU master plan provides guiding design principals for the perimeter treatment of the site.

The project is expected to be recognized on a national level for its quality of design.  The SAS building is oriented to maximize north daylighting.  The work environment is to be open using office “cube’ workstations, but at the same time be sensitive to acoustic requirements.  The opaque area of the workstations will be limited to 42” or lower for surfaces that parallel the exterior wall to assure line of sight to the exterior from glass-walled private offices.

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Green Building Rating System is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing performance, sustainable buildings.  The project is to meet requirements for LEED certification or LEED Silver Certification rating. DESMAN is the Structural Engineer of Record and Functional Designer on this project.


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Ohio State University

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