Maple Avenue Parking Garage


Eight level – two below and six grade, 785-space, pre-cast concrete superstructure on cast-in-place spread footing foundations, pre-cast panels with thin brick façade


The Maple Avenue Parking Garage is an integral part of the Epstein’s Rehabilitation Plan.  Adjacent to the historic Morristown Green, this project provides public and private parking for multiple property owners including the Morristown Parking Authority.  The garage provides direct vehicular and pedestrian access to the MPA office building, the Seeing Eye, Residential Buildings “A” and “B” condominiums and 40,000 sf of retail space.  Two levels of below-grade parking provide private parking access to The Seeing Eye and the Residential Buildings A and B.   Public parking is provided on the six levels above grade.  Pedestrian access is provided to the downtown areas at four locations from the garage.

The office building and the garage are utilized for a sustainable “Green” project.  The garage utilized sustainable materials, designated parking for hybrid vehicles, incorporated geothermal wells and photovoltaic panels covering 50% of the roof level.  The project will attain at least a “Gold” certification.

Although the adjacent buildings covered a good portion of the garage, DESMAN was able to keep the above-grade levels “Open” for ventilation by utilizing a shallow structural system of pre-cast concrete tees and spandrels.

DESMAN  served as the Architect of Record and Structural Engineer of Record.


Morristown, New Jersey


Morristown Parking Authority

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