10th & Central Parking Facility And Fire Headquarters Expansion


7 level, 471 space parking facility, and fire headquarters expansion project.


DESMAN served as a functional planner, prime architect and structural engineer of record for the new 7 levels, 471 space parking facility, and Fire Headquarters Expansion project.  DESMAN teamed with Straka Johnson Architects of Dubuque who served as architect of record.

The parking facility provides public parking for downtown retail customers and office employees and is situated between the IBM Roshek Building Service Center and the Millwork District. The ramping system is a single helix with 90-degree parking and two-way traffic throughout. The garage has a cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete superstructure supported on an auger cast pile foundation system. The facility is clad in architectural precast concrete incorporating colored concrete panels, brick banding and accents, and aluminum trellis bars at garage openings. The exterior design includes a steel awning on three sides of the building with decorative louver infill. There are two stair/elevator towers clad in the aluminum curtain wall. The ground level of the parking facility also incorporates electric car charging stations, secured public bicycle storage, and public toilets.

The Fire Department Headquarters Expansion consists of three new truck bays to the west of the existing station. The expansion is constructed of structural precast concrete supported on auger cast pile foundations.  Exterior design utilizes thin brick facing cast into the structural precast and decorative corbelling to match features of the existing station.

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