plaza restoration



Complete replacement of the Plaza paving system over field topped precast double-tees which act as the lid for the Rio Grande Parking Facility.


DESMAN is playing an active role in the waterproofing design and structural concrete repairs for the Galena Plaza replacement project for the City of Aspen. DESMAN is part of a larger team which includes Studio INSITE for the landscaping design, a local Aspen architect Studio B for the architecture and S.A. Miro for the Civil. DESMAN’s role includes design of a new waterproofing membrane and drainage improvements in conjunction with details for concrete repair and strengthening of existing tee stems due to shear cracking.

The existing plaza finishes outlived their useful life and the City of Aspen wanted a fresh look for the plaza areas.  In addition, the existing waterproofing membrane beneath the plaza surface was exhibiting leaks when seen from the parking garage below.  As a result, the existing plaza surface is being completely stripped replaced with a new and improved hot fluid applied waterproofing membrane to restore the water tightness of the plaza surface. The new paving system is also intended the plaza drainage.

Because of the complexities of the project, DESMAN played an active role with the team in coordinating the waterproofing system with the plaza finishes.  During the construction phase DESMAN is regularly visiting the site to observe the existing waterproofing removal to ensure the substrate is properly prepared, and necessary repairs are being made to provide a suitable surface for the new waterproofing system. The project received honorable mention by the AIA in 2017.


City of Aspen, CO


City of Aspen, Capital Asset Dept.

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