Restoration Garage

Arizona State University

Parking Structure Repair Program


Six parking structures in 2007, Ten parking structures in 2012, and four parking structures in 2018.


DESMAN has been actively involved with ASU’s garage enhancement program since 2006. Through this work, DESMAN completed Condition Assessments and repair documents on all of the parking structures located at ASU’s Tempe Campus.  DESMAN work included the construction documents, assistance during the bidding process and construction administration services for concrete repairs and replacement of sealants, expansion joints and waterproofing membranes to all parking structures.  Major repair programs were completed in 2007 for six structures and in 2012 for ten structures on the campus.  The various parking structures are constructed of precast, prestressed concrete structural elements.  The parking structures provide a total of over 7,100 parking spaces for students, staff, faculty, and visitors at the main Tempe campus.

DESMAN has prepared a bid package for 2018 garage repairs at Apache Blvd, 10th Street, Fulton Center and University Center Parking structures, and is working with ASU during the bidding process for the repairs.


Tempe, AZ


Arizona State University

Construction Cost

2007 - $898,000

2012 - $498,000

2018 - $550,000

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