Restoration Garage

Seven Parking Authority of Baltimore City Garages


Various: conventionally reinforced, pan slab and joists, post-tensioned cast-in-place concrete and pre-cast double tees. Freestanding above-grade structures

  • Penn Station Garage
  • Guilford Avenue
  • West Street Garage
  • Water Street Garage
  • Baltimore Street Garage
  • Franklin Street Garage
  • Lexington Street Garage


DESMAN’s conducted condition assessments of the seven parking facilities owned and operated by the Parking Authority of Baltimore City (PABC) to identify and prioritize deficiencies that require repair and make recommendations for protection and maintenance. Repair programs were updated and modified to meet PABC needs. Based on the city’s need and available budget, repair documents were prepared and implemented for three of the facilities. Repair documents to address a failed plaza expansion joint located over the below-grade garage at Penn Station were also prepared. These repairs are were implemented while maintaining vehicle and pedestrian access to the garage and station.


Baltimore, MD


Parking Authority of Baltimore City

Construction Cost

Water Street Garage - $145,523

West Street Garage - $358,171

Guilford Ave Garage - $898,000

Penn Station Garage - $312,268

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