The Heights at Eastwood Parking Deck and Retail Facility


712 parking spaces on 5 levels with 43,600 gsf of retail space at ground level.


The parking/retail facility project is part of the expansion of the Eastwood Towne Center Shopping Mall and serves existing and new retail customers. The self park has 5 levels, 230,000 gsf and 712 parking spaces. Parking floors are accessed by a single helix, parkable ramping system.  The main structural system is cast in place, post-tensioned concrete and is clad with precast concrete column covers. Aluminum air foils cover the garage openings to conceal vehicles and allow natural ventilation. Vertical transportation consists of three stair towers and a pair of glass backed elevators. The elevator hoistway is clad in glass on three sides.

The facility also includes 43,600 gsf of retail space at ground level. The retail area partially projects outside the footprint of the garage has a structural steel roof frame. Retail spaces are clad in aluminum storefront and perforated metal panels, including a decorative screen to conceal rooftop mechanical equipment.

The project is planned to accommodate a future adjacent 5 level residential building and hotel. DESMAN designed the parking facility to allow direct connection between the garage and residential building at each floor, and sized shared exit stairs inside the garage to allow elimination of two stair towers inside the future residential building.  DESMAN is the Architect and Structural Engineer of Record.



Lansing, MI


Eastwood Town Center 

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