Blue Back Square North & South Garages


Supply, demand, and economic feasibly study of the developer’s initial program. Followed by A/E of North & South garages.

South Garage 800 spaces

North Garage 630 spaces

Articulated exterior, pre-cast concrete structures incorporating elevators and escalators for vertical travel.


Blue Back Square is a mixed-use development with retail, restaurant, theater, a health club, medical and office buildings, and 114 residential units.  DESMAN consulted for the developer and the town during the conceptual design phase of the Blue Back Square Development, continually updating the initial study as the program for development evolved. Subsequently, DESMAN was the architect and engineer of the North and South garages, creating plans and amenities with Street-works, the developer and master architect. Both garages are constructed of pre-cast concrete incorporating elevators and escalators for vertical travel. There are exterior vertical wall sections incorporating window openings on the South Garage, while a column and spandrel configuration appears on the North Garage. In both buildings, pedestrian cores were kept open to view from the exterior and interior, providing high levels of security.


West Hartford, CT


Blue Back Square

Development Corporation

Construction Cost

North Garage: $13,000,000

South Garage: $16,000,000

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