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Downtown Parking Structure Concept Design Services



DESMAN and DAJ Design were selected by the City of Louisville and the Louisville Revitalization Commission (LRC) to provide conceptual design services for a downtown parking structure. Two sites in downtown Louisville, both existing parking lots, were identified for a possible parking structure. A larger parking lot is oriented east-west and spans an alley and the smaller parking lot is oriented north-south and is located east of the alley. The target number of spaces to achieve was a net gain of 200-300. The east-west orientation requires a future land exchange contingent on the construction of a building along Main Street.

Seven options were initially developed for the two sites. The consultant team provided the LRC with preliminary cost estimates and listed the pros and cons of each option. Basement parking was later added to the options to increase the parking supply and reduce the top floor height, as directed by the LRC. The seven original options were reduced to three options for further development and refinement, as follows:

Option 1: East-West orientation, parking ramp and alley closed.

Option 2: North-South orientation, parking ramps, and firewall on the north side.

Option 3: Shorter North-South orientation, parking ramps and no firewall on the north side.

DAJ Design developed elevations for each option from several perspectives for presentation to the LRC. The LRC favored Options 1 and 3 from cost, efficiency and height perspectives and believed they were worthy of further analysis. The LRC presentation was further developed for a presentation to City Council to seek input into continuing the discussion about current and future parking needs and challenges in downtown Louisville. City Council voted to not move forward with the project based on the lack of public support.

“Your work has been exemplary, your experience appreciated, and your customer service unmatched. You listened to us throughout the process, and delivered everything we asked for in a most professional way.”

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