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NHPA Operational Assessment



Due Diligence Study, Operational Audit, Policy Analysis


The New Haven Parking Authority (NHPA) was seeking assistance to improve their management processes. The NHPA contracted DESMAN to conduct a management review to assist in the initiative. The NHPA was in a period of transition, having recently retired the former Executive Director after a 25-year tenure. The Authority was in the process of examining its mission and purpose moving forward. Historically, the Authority had been primarily focused on meeting budget goals and maintaining service life, but not necessarily promoting the usage of the existing assets or expanding market presence. Direct management was operating on a floating rotation with no direct responsibilities or ties to a specific asset or facility, resulting in a lack of accountability and an absence of motivation to better use the assets.

DESMAN to conducted a review of management practices, procedures, job descriptions and duties and developed a series of recommendations focused on revising the management structure and SOPs to better utilize existing managers while making them more accountable for asset maintenance and performance. DESMAN’s review included job descriptions, management handbooks, standard operational duties, policies and procedures (by position), historical operating records, budgets, maintenance records, collective bargaining agreements, and historical performance reviews. DESMAN also performed an assessment of existing system assets, documenting conditions, hours of operation, staffing levels, rates, processing speeds, area market conditions, and general impressions of each facility. Finally, DESMAN interviewed management personnel to better understand departmental challenges, barriers, and motivations.

DESMAN recommended an alternative management structure to optimize operational efficiencies. DESMAN’s recommendations included revised job descriptions, SOPs, policies, and procedures by the department, and employee coaching protocols. DESMAN’s initial recommendations were adopted by the NHPA Board of Directors and implemented by the NHPA Administration.


New Haven, CT


Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority



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