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Richmond 300 Parking Study


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As part of the Richmond 300 Master Plan process, DESMAN was retained to execute a study of existing parking conditions, policies, and operations across seven different neighborhoods comprising over 1,000 city blocks, as well as future needs for each neighborhood, based on anticipated growth and development. These neighborhoods included Richmond’s downtown core as well as adjacent commercial and residential districts, three established and US-renown historic districts, two neighborhoods rapidly evolving from industrial zones into vibrant mixed-use districts, and one neighborhood experiencing gentrification.

This effort included meticulous block-by-block inventories of existing parking assets, multiple observations of parking occupancy at different times of day, the week, and the year, and over 400 hours of public meetings and workshops. As part of the initial data collection effort, DESMAN teamed with students from Virginia Commonwealth University to perform parking supply inventories and with an aerial drone company to execute parking occupancy counts. DESMAN worked closely with city staff from multiple agencies and dozens of constituents from various community organizations, institutions, and businesses to vet findings and recommendations which were communicated to the general public through additional public meetings.

DESMAN’s recommended program, which is nearing completion, will provide the City with a clear path to transitioning from a car-centric culture to a more sustainable one which embraces multi-modality and addresses mobility challenges as the city continues to evolve while still maintaining the city’s current momentum and growing prosperity.


Richmond, VA


City of Richmond Office of Planning & Development Review



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