Children's Hospital - East WIng Parking Expansion


1,100 spaces on five levels in Phase 1 and expandable up to eleven levels and 4,200 spaces in Phase 2.


DESMAN provided Prime Design, Structural Engineering, Architectural Design, and Parking Consulting services on a parking garage for The Children’s Hospital (TCH) on the Fitzsimons Medical Campus in Aurora, CO. The four-bay, 1,100-space parking structure has four levels above grade and one level below grade. The parking structure will be used exclusively by TCH staff. The garage has two ramps in a double-threaded helix configuration to accommodate expected traffic volumes associated with shift changes in Phase 2. The cast-in-place, post-tensioned structural system has a high level of durability for corrosion protection in a harsh environment and for a service life span exceeding 50 years. A life cycle cost analysis was performed early in the design to determine which durability elements would be included in the design to ensure longevity and prevent deterioration.

The parking garage has a combination of red thin brick and buff-colored precast panels, and the exterior elevations will complement surrounding buildings on the Fitzsimons campus. There is an enclosed elevator/stair tower in the southwest corner of the garage, which is closest to TCH. There is a plaza area outside of the southwest elevator/stair tower that will have unit pavers, a planter with a large maple tree and seating to make the area an attractive place for TCH staff to gather. Every effort has been made to preserve historic trees surrounding the site on three sides. Any trees that are lost to construction will be replaced.

The garage features energy-efficient linear fluorescent lighting, which will minimize light spillover at night. Best practices are being incorporated into the design to provide a high level of service and a positive experience for garage patrons. Safety features include long-span construction and no interior walls, clear lines of sight, open or glass-enclosed stairs, the elimination of hiding spaces, emergency phones, and minimal use of curbs in pedestrian areas. The design and construction budget for the design-bid-build project is $17 million. Contractor bids came in well below budget and TCH decided to provide more parking in Phase 1 in a horizontal expansion with the surplus funds.

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