Advocate Lutheran General Hospital - West Parking


525-car parking facility on 3 supported levels plus grade, with pedestrian bridge connection to cancer Care Center. Expanded vertically to add 275 more spaces


DESMAN provided full Architectural & Structural engineering services. The parking facility was constructed to accommodate daily parking patrons composed primarily of Hospital out-patients and visitors for the new Caner Center.

The original parking facility contained approximately 525 cars on three supported levels plus grade and connects directly to the Cancer Care Center Expansion that was built after the garage was finished. 275 spaces were added vertically in 2018. The parking facility is located on Luther Lane just south of Dempster Street and just west of the main hospital building.

The structural system is pre-cast concrete. The exterior precast wall panels incorporate cast in brick units matching the brick of the existing adjacent buildings and exposed precast concrete designed to match the color and texture of the stone of the existing adjacent buildings.


Park Ridge, IL


Advocate Lutheran General Hospital

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