MedImmune Garage C1


8-Level, 975-stall parking deck designed for future horizontal expansion


This parking project provides AstraZeneca the opportunity to increase the employee population on its key research and management campus.  DESMAN and its client performed an extensive programming phase to be sure the final design was in concert with the evolving campus master plan and would be acceptable to the City of Gaithersburg.  Responding to budget considerations, the overall project has been divided into 2 phases with all foundation elements required for Phase C2 included in this project.  The parking functional design consists of a double helix formed by opposing scissor ramps.  Elevated and on-grade connections link the new garage with the existing Garage B and the campus loop roadway system.  Precast, prestressed concrete was selected for the frame as a measure to decrease on-site construction time.

The exterior design evolved understudy of existing and anticipated adjacent and neighborhood developments including a future elevated transit station.  The result is an exterior façade consisting of precast concrete, tinted glass curtain wall systems, and perforated metal panels.  The design took care to ensure that the rhythm was consistent between materials and that found on the existing campus.  The project gained approval from the City’s extensive exterior design and green building standards.  Additional project features include motorcycle and bicycle parking plus a telecommunications equipment integrated with the existing campus network.  DESMAN served as prime consultant, the architect of record and engineer of record for the project.


Gaithersburg, MD


Astra Zeneca, MedImmune

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