Ambulatory Care Center Parking Garage

University of Connecticut Health Care Ambulatory Care Center


Level 3 overhead pedestrian bridges and walkway systems, 60’ cut into a side of a hill, and maintained level 2 ambulance access to MARB.


This 6 level parking structure provides parking for 1,400 University of Connecticut Health Center employees and visitors serving the adjacent 4 Story existing Medical Arts Research Building (MARB) and the new 9 story Ambulatory Care Center (ACC).

The facilities are connected on the 3rd floor to the adjacent buildings by glass overhead pedestrian bridges / walkway systems. The connection to the new ACC spans over the roadway keeping pedestrians out of the weather and away from vehicular traffic. The connection to the existing MARB building happens within the garage with an enclosed walkway system. At the end of the garage the walkway transitions to an overhead bridge connecting into the existing building.

DESMAN has been providing professional services in the Farmington, CT area for over 20 years in planning, design, and restoration of parking structures. On this assignment DESMAN served as Architect and Engineer of Record of the garage, consulting with Centerbrook Architects and HDR who developed the exterior façade design. DESMAN was involved with development of the initial site plan, UCHC approval process, and worked with the Design Builder Fusco/Clark joint venture in providing an efficient and functional garage design.


Farmington, CT


University of Connecticut Health Center

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