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Alberta Sherman Center Parking Garage



1,411-car space, 3-bay wide parking structure on 6 supported levels plus grade totaling 474,055 sq. ft


The 1,411-car Albert Sherman Center Parking Garage was built to serve the new Albert Sherman Center Medical Research Facility as well as the UMass Memorial Medical Center. The garage design provides additional area to expand the garage to the south with a new exit at one of the structured levels.  To make the garage more accessible to patrons, a shuttle bus-stop and turnaround area has been incorporated into the garage at the grade level. The shuttle service will connect the garage to the medical campus. Pedestrians can access that garage using one of the two pedestrian bridges located at northwest and southwest stair towers. The structural system is pre-cast concrete with pre-cast architectural concrete and thin brick on the exterior façade.


The parking garage includes such accommodations as a security office, an enclosed stairwell system constructed of a highly visible curtain – wall system for pedestrian safety and security, and a shuttle pick-up / bus waiting area.


DESMAN Associates is the Architect and Structural Engineer of Record.


Worcester, MA


University of Massachusetts

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