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University of Massachusetts Medical Center Parking Garage


Five-level, 1,550-car space, pre-cast concrete open parking structure.



This four-bay parking structure was designed and constructed to accommodate the present and future functional needs of the medical center.  The garage was designed with 48’ long bays to accommodate 12’ wide pre-cast concrete tees providing for additional economy.  The garage design provided for additional footings and reserve structural capacity in the foundations and the superstructure on the east side of the facility to accommodate for a future horizontal expansion of the garage.  The east side of the garage also has knock-out pre-cast concrete spandrel panels providing for this future horizontal access.


The garage provides for two-way traffic with three (3) planned ingress/egress locations intended to separate the various user groups by floor, bay or a combination of both.  There are two (2) separate vertical ramping systems within the garage allowing the medical center, if they so desire, to split the facility into two (2) separate garages in the future, each having their own access and circulation.  The garage can also be separated horizontally as a result of vehicular ingress/egress locations on different levels.  This functional design provides the medical center with the most options for separating the visitors and staff and parking access/revenue control options for each.


The garage also incorporates an 8,000 s.f. campus security office that is connected to the main stair/elevator core of the garage.  This core provides pedestrian access for the garage as well as the future medical office building (MOB).  As a result of the future MOB, a two-hour rated firewall was incorporated into the façade design.


Form liners were used in the casting of the architectural pre-cast concrete panels to replicate stonework for portions of the facades of the stair towers office spaces and large curtain walls.  Architectural screening was also incorporated into the north and south facades.  DESMAN served as the architect and structural engineer of record for this project.


Worcester, MA


Consigli Construction Co., Inc

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