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New Balance Field & Parking Facility - Boston University


350 Space, 2 level, pre-cast concrete parking facility with an athletic turf field on the roof level


The Boston University “New Balance” Field and Parking Facility is an example of a truly innovative and successful planning and design process that has resulted in the efficient use of urban space for a multi-program, mixed-use facility.  The existing surface lot has been transformed into a state-of-the-art, turf athletic facility with a 350 space parking facility beneath the field, for which DESMAN Associates has provided structural engineering services. The physical appearance of the facility expresses the enthusiasm of a world-class collegiate sporting venue while the building also addresses the very pressing parking demand of a major university in an urban environment.


Through the use of precast construction, the design was able to address several aspects of the project, including long-span construction to aid the functionality of the parking component along with an aesthetically pleasing brick and limestone façade finishes that articulate the architectural expression of a collegiate environment.  The benefits of casting the precast pieces off-site, under a controlled plant condition, resulted in a very durable, high-quality product that enabled the superstructure components to be constructed simultaneously with the foundations, allowing a significant reduction in the duration of the project schedule.


The project team was faced with many challenges including the re-routing one of Boston’s very active and large, turn-of-century storm water lines, construction on Boston’s historic Back Bay urban land-fill area along with an expedited schedule to accommodate a peak parking demand day associated with Boson University’s Commencement Ceremony.


Boston, MA


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