Argyle Parking Facility


457-car space, three-bay wide, one-level single helix parking structure on three supported levels plus grade.


The Argyle Parking Facility is located in a residential/retail area in St. Louis on the intersection of Lindell and Euclid Street.  The parking structure provides for a branch facility of the St. Louis Public Library on the ground level as well as other retail spaces.  The exterior façade is brick masonry units to blend into the residential character of the area.

The parking facility utilizes a cast-in-place, post-tensioned structural system.  Traffic circulation within the facility is provided by a single helix circulation system with two-way traffic and 90-degree parking.  Access is provided from Euclid Street and York Avenue with revenue control gates, booth, and parking office located on York Avenue side of the Facility at ground level.  Public access into the facility is provided by stairs at all corners and three elevators, on each, at the primary corners.  Metal halide type fixtures provide a lighting quality that allows for a full range of color rendition.  DESMAN served as the Structural Engineer of Record.


St. Louis, MO


City of St. Louis Treasurer's Department

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