Hard Rock Casino PS Mixed-Use Parking Garage



600 parking spaces on 4-level precast structure, designed to accommodate future retail & casino expansion. Giant LED screens 3 sides to advertise events information.


To meet the rapidly growing parking demand due to recent expansion of the casino and high gaming, Hard Rock Casino Corporation and Sioux City joined hands in a 50 -50 partnership to build a brand new garage, which would straddle over the busy 3rd street to maximize land use while ensuring a harmonious look between the two segments. The project is envisioned as an economic opportunity to foster growth and development and allow Sioux City to become a vibrant and balanced economy. The parking structure will add 600 parking spaces to the existing surface lot with 15,000 sq.ft of future retail/casino expansion at ground level. The exterior aesthetics are modest but artful, respectful of the rich culture of the city while creating a welcoming environment.

The garage boasts a friendly and intuitive circulation with 90-degree parking, high floor to floor clearances for extended sightlines and smooth and safe movement of vehicles; energy-efficient LED lights with higher than average photometric for passive security and positive user experience and a speed ramp for rapid discharge for event parking.  At the onset of design, different structural systems were evaluated for cost, schedule, and efficiency before selecting precast tee construction. The fact that precast can be erected even in the dead of winter, was one of the influencing factors for selecting precast thus minimizing odds of schedule delay or compromising long term durability. The garage primarily comprises of pre-topped tees with field topped double tees consisting of wear slab over future retail space for moisture protection. The design allows for future utilities to be stubbed into the retail. Connection to the new casino is achieved by a vestibule for pedestrian access.

Keeping in mind, the surrounding soils are contaminated; DESMAN recommended the use of auger cast pile foundations in lieu of drilled piers to minimize cost and efficiently transfers heavy loads to the rock strata.

DESMAN is an Architect and Engineer of record for the parking structure.


Sioux City, IA


Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

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