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Promenade at Granite Run Parking Garage


6-Level, 330-stall parking deck constructed immediately adjacent to residential buildings.


The 50 at Granite Run development provides luxury apartments located on the periphery of the redeveloping Promenade at Granite Run destination retail site.  The parking functional design consists of a single helix with the northern and eastern walls immediately adjacent to the residential building.  Precast, prestressed concrete was selected for the frame as a measure to decrease on-site construction time.  Close coordination between the garage design and the residential building design allowed garage walls and foundations to also support the residential building.  The garage’s stair towers also provide egress for the residential building.

The exterior design evolved understudy of existing and anticipated adjacent and neighborhood developments and thorough reviews conducted by Middletown Township.  The result is an exterior façade consisting of precast concrete with inlaid brick masonry and an exterior coating.  The design team took care to ensure that exterior materials matched those used on the immediately adjacent housing buildings.  Additional project features include electric vehicle charging, bicycle parking, and residential trash rooms.  DESMAN served as architect of record and engineer of record for the parking garage portion of this mixed-use project.


Middletown, PA


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