Garden State PLaza parking Deck B


Five-level, 1,800-car, pre-cast concrete parking structure.


In an effort to replace an aging parking structure and recapture adjacent areas for in-line shopping, DESMAN was engaged by Westfield to design an 1800-space replacement parking facility that facilitated an 80,000 square foot mall expansion. In order to accommodate that added in-line retail, the parking deck was shifted to the west over the mall ring road while expanding the parking capacity in the deck by approximately 600 spaces. A unique feature of the Plaza, which needed to be incorporated into the deck design, was truck circulation to a rooftop loading area servicing three major anchor tenants of the center. This was accomplished by designing an express ramp to the fourth level of the deck, matching the elevation of the adjacent mall rooftop loading.

An accelerated design and construction schedule was implemented to permit construction to begin after one Holiday season with an opening of the parking to launch prior to the next Holiday season.

DESMAN provided functional design, architectural production, and structural engineering.


Paramus, NJ


Westfield Corporation

Construction Cost


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