Royal Caribbean Cruise line Terminal A Parking Structure


A usual structure with seven elevated levels of parking over the Ground Transportation Area with 14 bus bays as well as bag-drop and pick-up/drop-off curb space. Access to parking is provided by a helical up/down ramp that feeds the GTA.  There is a pedestrian connection at 2nd level for VIP parking.


DESMAN was retained in the spring of 2016 to assist in providing a more efficient design for a 1,150-space parking structure located near the cruise line for passenger vehicles.  DESMAN began this initial assignment with the insight of a particular emphasis on the efficiency of the structure, its traffic flow throughout the garage and the entrances and exits, ramp configurations, ticketing, and money collections and circulation. DESMAN’s initial review consisted of mark-up plans and a memorandum report in which to guide designers.  Access to parking occurs at the 1st level (GTA) which is elevated above grade and includes 7 disembark bays and 7 embark bus bays for coaches and over 300 linear feet of curb area for pick-up/drop-off activity plus another 500 linear feet of curb area as holding areas for active taxis, private network company vehicles (e.g. Lyft, Uber) and coaches.

DESMAN worked closely with the client and the design team to analyze the parking structure for general parking functionality, level of service, and efficiency. DESMAN reviewed the established grids, the parking layout and the integration of parking facilities that could occur in the future. DESMAN also reviewed and provided recommendations on the Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) equipment. The PARCS equipment-recommendation included pay-on-foot kiosks with tickets issued upon entry and gate control as well as ticket payment verifiers (plus cash/credit card ability) at the exit plazas. DESMAN also provided a preliminary review of the structural system including short- and long-span structural systems.

DESMAN then assisted in the choosing of a PARCS system with specifications made explicitly for this location only. DESMAN created a layout sketch for the incorporation of the final construction for the garage.


Miami, FL


Bermello Ajamil & Partners Inc.

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