Portmiami Terminal B Norwegian Cruise Line Parking Garage



The garage is a ±1,000 space, 9-level garage serving the new Norwegian Cruise Line Terminal at PortMiami.  The garage spans the GTA with parking on levels 2 through 9 and a pedestrian connection at level 3 of the garage to the Terminal.  The garage has an internal down speed ramp and an up ramp outside of the garage footprint.


DESMAN is responsible for parking consulting and structural engineering for the D/B of a ±1,000 space, 9-level parking garage serving the new Norwegian Cruise Line Terminal (Terminal B) at PortMiami.  The garage has 8 levels of parking over a Ground Transportation Area (GTA) that includes a large staging area for taxi and Private Transportation Networks (e.g. Lyft, Uber), 100’s of linear curb feet for passenger pickup/drop-off, and multiple options for recirculation/return to terminal and bag-drops.  The parking levels are served by a pair of speed ramps, the down ramp is internal to the garage and the up ramp is located outside the footprint of the garage.  The entry/exit plazas are located at the 2nd level of the garage to minimize traffic congestion and queuing in the GTA.  The garage also has a pedestrian connection to the new terminal at the 3rd level of the garage.

DESMAN provided structural engineering for the garage establishing a column grid that is integrated with the functional design and space layout to achieve the most efficient design. DESMAN also worked with HUB Parking to provide the preliminary design and specifications for the Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) equipment.  The PARCS equipment includes pay-on-foot kiosks, ticket spitters and gate control upon entry as well as ticket payment verifiers (plus cash/credit card ability) at the exit plazas.  The PARCS design is compatible and can be upgraded to allow Sunpass access and payment as well.

DESMAN is also providing bid and design assistance to the D/B contractor and construction administration services for the Port.


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