380R First Avenue TripAvisor Parking Garage


Eight-Level, two-bay, 1,077 space, precast concrete open parking structure, designed with the ability for future expansion


The 380R First Avenue Garage was constructed to support the newly constructed TripAdvisor Worldheadquarters in Needham, MA. The 8 level, two-bay garage features a single helix designed with one flat bay and contains 1,077 parking stalls. The garage, constructed in the budding “Center 128” office park was designed to support future horizontal expansions with a final design consisting of 5 bays at 8 levels. The use of removable spandrel panels and exterior footings designed with sufficient capacity enabled the structure to accept the Phase II expansion which began in May 2016. The garage was part of the overall site master plan LEED initiative and contains 4 Electric Vehicle parking stalls, 56 Low-emitting/Fuel-efficient reserved stalls at the grade level, and bike storage racks for use by employees.

The stair core was designed to promote passive security with curtain wall and glass throughout. Copper panels elegantly frame the stair tower and the elevator core to align with the design of the adjacent TripAdvisor building. In addition, mesh panels were used as an aesthetic feature designed to re-act to the daylight. Future expansion phases will include additional stainless steel architectural details on the east and south façades.

DESMAN is the Architect and Engineer of Record for the Project.

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