Intermodal Transportation Center


3 level parking structure. Façade comprised of high-end, detailed precast concrete panels. Bus station and office space on ground level.


162 space, two bay, 3-level parking facility with integral bus berths for 7 full-sized transit buses, patron lobby area, transit office and garden/plaza area. Sited adjacent the Yantic River and over the re-aligned Falls Avenue, the structure boasts eloquent architectural features including brick veneer precast panels, archway windows clad with GFRC molding to compliment the brownstone style of the neighboring building. The facility, owned by the Norwich Community Development Corp, is a part of the community public transit system expansion aimed at reducing traffic and congestion in, and around the city while providing a centralized transit hub. It features a 30,000-sq. ft. ground level that accommodates local bus traffic, bus berths as well as taxi and limousine traffic.


The structural system consists of prestressed precast concrete components with architectural pre-cast concrete elements on the exterior façade. Patron vehicular access is accommodated by a structurally supported cast-in-place concrete ramp from the street to the second story parking level. DESMAN Associates served as the parking consultant and Structural Engineer of Record.

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