Maritime Parking Garage


765-car, 2-bay wide parking structure with 6 supported levels plus grade, ground level retail space, 3,500 square feet of office space and ten residential units.


The Maritime Parking Garage is an integral piece of the City of Norwalk’s redevelopment plan of the South Norwalk waterfront. The facility will provide the needed parking support for the rehabilitation and adaptive re-use of the adjacent Lock Building into an Art & Tech Center, the Maritime Aquarium and a future mixed-use development. The Maritime Parking Garage was designed to provide opportunities beyond a typical garage whereby it supports visitors to the SONO district by providing such amenities as retail areas, pedestrian plazas and ticketing and concessions for the Aquarium. DESMAN is the Architect and Engineer of Record.


Norwalk, CT


City of Norwalk DPW

Construction Cost

 $10,500,000 Garage Only

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